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If you’re traveling with little ones, it’s great to be prepared with plenty of fun activities and toys to keep them busy. Traveling can be fun, especially when you’re well prepared. Here are 25 great Travel Activities for kids aged 5-8 years old.

If you have younger ones, there is a dedicated article for travel activities for ages 2-4 here. Whatever the age, it’s always great to have some new activities they don’t currently have at home (or ones they haven’t played with in a while) to keep it interesting.

1. Coloring/Art Supplies

For your art lover, bring some art supplies in a convenient case for them to use. Crayola has some great markers or colored pencil cases that have some blank paper inside. The cases are convenient for travel to keep toys together and for easy packing.

2. Scratch Art Books

There are many different scratch art books available for your little one to use. You can buy a blank one for them to create their own designs or buy one with images or ABC’s on it. They even make scratch art bookmarks and more for your little one to design.

3. LCD Tablets

These little tablets are great, they allow you to draw on them with the pen provided and they erase at the click of a button. They’re slim and lightweight which makes them a great option to pack in your bag.

4. Wikki Sticks

Wikki Sticks are moldable soft sticks that you can create different art projects with. You can adhere them by pressing your fingertips together and you can take them apart as needed. You can create your own designs or follow some patterns to create different figures.

5. Paint By Sticker books

These Paint by Sticker books are great for endless fun for kids and adults! You can choose easier versions like the Paint by Letter set for younger kids and harder ones for older kids. They even have some great options for adults too!

6. Highlights Hidden Pictures

Hidden pictures are a fun activity you can give your child for easy play on a plane or in a car. They have tons of images hidden in the picture they can search through and circle or color when they find!

7. Kids Origami

Origami is a fun way to keep hands busy. This set comes with instructions to make different designs! It has step-by-step directions for easy, medium, and difficult-level designs.

My favorite set is the Melissa & Doug On the Go Origami set that even comes with stickers to put on their creations.

8. Magnetic Tangram

Tangrams are fun and keep little ones busy, and this travel set is perfect since it is magnetic! This one comes with 360 different patterns to create.

9. Cat’s Cradle

I remember playing with Cat’s Cradle when I was younger! This set gives you a loop of string and directions to be able to create your own designs.

10. Melissa & Doug Spy Decoder Set

Kids have a chance to crack codes, uncover hidden clues, reveal secret messages, and be super sleuths with this Melissa & Doug Spy Decoder Set.

11. Fidget Snake

The fidget snake is exactly what is sounds like. A snake-shaped toy that kids can play and fidget with for entertainment. You can twist them into different shapes

12. Tablet & Headphones

tablet with a pair of headphones is a no-brainer for bringing along with a trip. If you load some movies or shows, this can keep your little one busy for hours. You can even set up some kid-safe activities for them to play while they travel.

13. Melissa & Doug Felt Friends Stickers

This sticker set comes with felt stickers to create different animals! These on-the-go activity books are excellent for travel as they’re small and hold everything you need for the activity!

14. Melissa & Doug Make-a-Face books

Melissa & Doug for the win again with their fun activity pads! These are reusable stickers to make animal faces!

15. Liquid Bubble Fidget Toy

This is a fun handheld toy for little ones to watch the changing bubbles as you flip it around. As with anything, something new will be more effective at keeping their attention on a trip!

16. Fidget Spinner Toys

These fidget spinner toys are always a hit! They can pop the bubbles and use this as a spinner toy. Little hands typically have a hard time with spinning but they can still play with the toy or watch an adult spin it!

17. True Balance Coordination Game

This TruBalance toy can be addicting once you start to get all of the pieces to stack on top of one another. We have the full-size version and they even make a travel one and a mini one!

18. I Spy Travel Card Game

This I Spy travel card game is best for a road trip versus flying, but it’s fun to try and spot the various objects on the cards during your trip. It helps make the road trip better and go by faster with fun activities.

19. Wipe Off On-The-Go Game Pad!

Melissa & Doug has such a great line of on-the-go activities. This activity pad is great for older kids with wipe-off games including tic-tac-toe, hangman, I spy and more!

20. Activity Work Books

There are so many great options for activity workbooks to bring along for younger kids. You can grab some dot-to-dot, coloring books, school workbooks, Soduku puzzles, and more!

This is by no means an all-inclusive list of activities for your kids. If there’s a small toy or activity they are interested in, you can always pack those too.

Don’t forget to check out the article on Must-Have items to pack when flying with kids, because toys are not the only thing you want to make sure you have for them! I hope this article helped give you some great ideas for packing, Happy Travels!