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If you’re traveling with little ones, it’s great to be prepared with plenty of fun activities and toys to keep them busy. It’s always best to have some new activities they haven’t used before to keep their little minds entertained. Traveling with little ones can be easier when you have things to keep them busy.

Here are 25 great Travel Activities for kids aged 2-4 years old.

1. Melissa & Doug Color Blast Books

These books come with a marker that does not color on other things like your car, their clothing, or the plane seat. You can let them color to their heart’s content without making a mess.

2. Write and Wipe Books

Not only are these books educational, they’re fun… AND reusable! It comes with a wipe-off marker they can write directly on the book with, then you can clean and use it again.

3. LCD Tablets

These little tablets are great, they allow you to draw on them with the pen provided and they erase at the click of a button. They’re slim and lightweight which makes them a great option to pack in your bag.

4. Melissa & Doug Poke-A-Dot Books

These little books are fun with bright images and with bubble pops on each page for your little one to push. There are many different titles and even different sizes of books to choose from.

5. Wikki Sticks

Wikki Sticks are moldable soft sticks that you can create different art projects with. You can adhere them by pressing your fingertips together and you can take them apart as needed. You can create your own designs or follow some patterns to create different figures.

6. Melissa & Doug Water Wow

These books use a water pen to reveal coloring on pages. These books are re-usable and easy to use with a little bit of water.

7. Board Books

Board books never fail for entertainment, bring along their favorite book and let them look through the book. One of our favorite board books is If Animals Kissed Good Night by Ann Whitford Paul. We also love all the Sandra Boynton books too!

8. Magnetic Tangram

Tangrams are fun and keep little ones busy, and this travel set is perfect since it is magnetic! This one comes with 360 different patterns to create.

9. Melissa & Doug Reusable Stickers

Melissa & Doug have so many great activities for kids at home and for traveling. These reusable sticker sets are fun for kids with puffy stickers they can place and replace on these boards to create scenes.

10. Crayola Mess-Free Travel Case

Crayola Mess-Free coloring is an excellent choice for traveling as the markers only color on the special Crayola paper. So no worrying about marks on your kids, your car seats, or anywhere else. This kit comes with some blank coloring pages and special Crayola mess-free markers in a convenient case to travel with.

11. Fidget Snake

The fidget snake is exactly what is sounds like. A snake-shaped toy that kids can play and fidget with for entertainment. You can twist them into different shapes

12. Magnetic Drawing Board

This is a great mess-free activity. The magnetic wand brings small magnets up to the surface for drawing and can be used over and over. My favorite is the PicassoTiles 2-in-1 which also has the alphabet on the back for learning fun!

13. Snack Catcher Cups

While not quite a toy, these are excellent to bring along snacks on your trip. It fits in most cup holders and lets your little one carry their snack around with a lid to help prevent spills.

14. Stacking Cups

While not a conventional travel toy, these are easy to take with you and use at a hotel. This Munchkin set is small and will pack well, and they even have small holes for creative water play in the pool or bath.

15. Tablet & Headphones

A tablet with a pair of headphones is a no-brainer for bringing along with a trip. If you load some movies or shows, this can keep your little one busy for hours. You can even set up some kid-safe activities for them to play while they travel.

16. Crayola Doodle Board

My First Crayola Double Doodle board lets your kids doodle on a sealed gel surface and the other side is a wipe-off board you can use with Crayons. This is great for traveling in the car or on a plane.

17. Travel Busy Board

You can grab a travel busy board to keep little hands busy. They usually come with buttons, snaps, zips, and more to keep your little one busy on a trip.

18. Melissa & Doug Felt Friends Stickers

This sticker set comes with felt stickers to create animals!

19. Leapfrog Pad

Now, this is a better activity for the car versus on a plane since it is noisy. But nonetheless, it’s a great travel activity for your little one.

20. Sticker Books

Sticker books are always fun to have for little ones. They have many options for reusable sticker books where kids can place and replace the stickers onto the book. Melissa & Doug has a version, but these are larger pads, so I would recommend keeping those for home and grabbing some smaller ones for travel!

21. Dover Little Activity Books

There are TONS of different types of Dover Little Activity books for your little one to use! They have sticker books, mazes, puzzles, and more that all fit in the palm of your hand.

22. Magnetic Drawing Board

Magnetic drawing boards are great to bring along for a fun activity that is mess-free! It comes with its own stylus pen that is typically attached to the board and some even come with extra magnets for designs!

23. Melissa & Doug Make-a-Face books

Melissa & Doug for the win again with their fun activity pads! These are reusable stickers to make animal faces!

24. Liquid Bubble Fidget Toy

This is a fun handheld toy for little ones to watch the changing bubbles as you flip it around. As with anything, something new will be more effective at keeping their attention on a trip!

25. Fidget Spinner Toys

These fidget spinner toys are always a hit! They can pop the bubbles and use this as a spinner toy. Little hands typically have a hard time with spinning but they can still play with the toy or watch an adult spin it!

There are so many great ideas to bring along for travel! Check out this article on must-have items to pack when flying with kids to make sure you have more than just toys to bring along!