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Picture this – You arrive at your destination and you’re looking for your transfer to your hotel. It’s been a long day, so you’re tired and you’re in an unfamiliar airport and you just want to get to your hotel and get a cold drink. Someone stops you and asks if you need help. They look at your information and do some research and tell you that unfortunately, you missed your transfer. The only way to get to your hotel is to pay for a taxi, and you can submit a request for a refund from your initial company. They give you a number to call and a confirmation number from your cancellation and they get you on your way to your hotel.


Tourists are easy targets for scams and being taken advantage of. When you’re traveling, it’s always important to be safe and watch out for scammers.

Airport Transfers

When you have a transfer set up from the airport to your hotel, it is extremely important to know the company name. Most companies will have representatives in uniforms with their logos on them. Read your travel documents for information about finding your correct representative. Most documents will even tell you where the representatives are located at the airport for you to find.

The Scam

There are people at the airport who will try to stop you on your way to finding your representative to “help you”. Some people have great intentions, while others are scammers. People have been taken advantage of when these “helpful” people tell them that their transfer left without them and the only way to get to their hotel is to pay a fee. Scammers will even provide a cancellation reference number or phone number to call so they seem valid. They will even ensure you’ll get a refund for the transfer that departed without you. THIS IS A SCAM. Make sure you talk with a representative of the company about your transfer. Still not sure, call your travel agent.

Don’t Get Caught Up

Always read your travel documents and inform yourself of the transfer company you are using.