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Dreams Vista wasn’t our planned hotel. We had initially reserved a stay at Dreams Aventuras however they were not finished with renovations in time so we were offered a stay at Dreams Vista. My online impression of this resort wasn’t the best, since it looked so simple like there wasn’t much to it. Despite my initial reservations about the location, it turned out to be a great resort for what it was.

We traveled in August 2021 during the pandemic and had an amazing family trip. Read more about our experience at the resort and our ratings for the various aspects of our trip.

Overall Rating – 4.5 stars


The hotel itself is one large building in the city of Cancun itself on a small stretch of beach. I emphasize small, especially for beach lovers. The single building houses all rooms, restaurants, and facilities so the hotel grounds itself don’t lend for much walking around which can be positive or negative depending on what you’re looking for.

No need for golf carts as you can easily walk around the entire resort in a short amount of time. For families with small children, this is a good idea since everything is so close by. If you’re someone who doesn’t like to do a lot of walking, this is also a great option.

Dreams Vista Cancun Golf & Spa Resort – View from our room


The beach at Dreams Vista Cancun Golf & Spa resort leaves something to be desired. Not only did we go during the time when sargassum was very heavy, the stretch of beach is very small. The staff at the resort did an excellent job at cleaning the beach every day, but during the summer months, Cancun can be plagued with this type of seaweed. The sargassum can vary significantly from day to day, but the hotel staff was working hard while we were there in August 2022! We were more interested in swimming in the pool, but if the beach is your main attraction, this is not the resort for you.

The beach did have some nice hammocks in the shallow water and a large inflatable for people to climb on and jump off further out in the water. The chairs on the beach were readily available with umbrellas too.

Dining Options

The resort had 6 different restaurants available to choose from, but they were not all open at the same time. Breakfast and lunch options were more limited, but dinner had 6 different restaurants to choose from. There was also one restaurant The Bluewater Grill that was adults only, therefore we were not able to try it with our family of 5.

You can download the AMR resorts app and take a peek at the menu and dining options too!

Overall, the food was good, but not exceptional (like we’ve had at other all-inclusive resorts).

Snacks & Coffee

There was a coffee and snack shop on the main floor where you could grab an espresso drink, tea or other beverage. Plus they had grab-and-go fruit, pastries, desserts, and little sandwiches. They even had a nice selection of ice cream you could pick through.


For breakfast, there was only one dining option available the World Cafe. The World Cafe is a buffet that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Breakfast had a wide variety of options including traditional American breakfast foods, Mexican foods, made-to-order omelets or eggs, and more. Even though this was the only dining option, over the 7 days we stayed, we did not get tired of the food here.

One downside for breakfast is I would have enjoyed having an a la carte option for breakfast.


Lunch had a few more options with an outdoor sit-down restaurant, the World Cafe buffet, and La Plaza which was a food station where you could grab tacos, burgers, sushi, and more. The tacos are definitely something you have to try while you’re there. They’re not as authentic as some of the street food, but they were quite good. You could take your food from La Plaza to the pool, or sit at one of the tables nearby.


Dinner was a more formal affair, so be aware of the dress codes especially if you want to eat inside one of the restaurants. They do follow the dress code listed on their website. Himitsu had Pan-Asian cuisine, and it also had Teppanyaki tables (but you must make a reservation for these – I recommend you set up your reservation right when you arrive as the tables fill up quickly). The Teppanyaki tables are definitely an experience you should have. Of all the food we experienced at Dreams, the Teppanyaki table was the best. There were other dining options including a Mexican cuisine restaurant Mi Lucrecia and an Italian restaurant Portofino. We were able to try them all during our stay, and again, the food was fine, but not exceptional.


There was a large family pool, a kids pool with slides, and an activity pool for volleyball and other water games. We mostly stayed at the large family pool with our three littles. Looking back on this hotel, we really loved this pool. Even though initially I thought it looked a little boring, I loved the long stretch, ease of finding a chair to relax by, and being able to swim or walk the length of the pool.

Kids Pool

The kid’s pool was open for a limited time during the day from 11 am -2 pm. It had slides, and areas to climb, play and splash for younger kids. They even had a surf pool, but this was not open at any time during our stay.

Every day there was music and activities available. Some online reviews complain about the noise from these activities. It is loud during the day, but for us, this was not an issue. Our room was not directly above the speakers and we were able to nap peacefully during the day.

Kids Activities

We chose not to take advantage of the kid’s daycare area during our stay, but they have it available for anyone who wants to. They will take care of the kids and have activities for them throughout the day.

There is an Explorers Club for ages 3-12 and a teen club from 13-17. We didn’t utilize this at all during our stay, but we saw plenty of kids having fun with the staff during the day. There were a lot of toys and fun activities for kids of all ages available. We have since used Explorer Clubs at different Dreams Resorts and would definitely try it out next time!

Shows & Entertainment

You could easily find something to do all day every day at the resort. hey had beach parties, pool parties, Spanish lessons, and even cocktail and cooking lessons available. At the pool, there was a fitness/dancing class, volleyball, games, and more.

You can do non-motorized water activities, kayaks, snorkeling, and more! They had a rock wall and a zipline for both kids and adults to enjoy.

We also enjoyed some of their theme nights at the resort including a BBQ, Mexican night, and a Seafood night. If you’re looking for a resort with entertainment and activities, this is an excellent choice for families.

Safety & Security

When you arrive at the hotel, you have to check in with the security guards. They ask for your room and name when you arrive and when you are leaving. There are some housing areas within the grounds that are allowed as well, but we felt very safe and secure the entire time we were there.

Hurricane Grace

We didn’t know that there was a hurricane on its way to Cancun during our stay. A category 1 Hurricane hit just south of our resort during our stay. The hotel staff was extremely calm and helpful. They worked hard to get the resort ready for the hurricane by putting everything away. We were told to stay in our rooms (ours was on the 6th floor) and wait it out. It was windy and rainy all night for the worst part of it. The next morning it was still raining and windy but it had subsided significantly. We were directed through the interior of the hotel to get to the buffet for meals, and by the night everything had opened back up.

We were impressed with how well the hotel staff handled everything. One whole day stuck in our room didn’t break our vacation fun, but luckily we were able to stay in our room with full power and plenty of food and water.

Transportation to & from the Airport

One benefit of this hotel is how close it is to the airport. You don’t have to travel far from Cancun International Airport to get to your destination.

We chose USA transfers for our transportation. We were able to set up our transfer easily online through their website. They also offer lots of great activities you can take advantage of in the Cancun and Riviera Maya region.

Be Aware of Time Share Presentations

When you check into the hotel, they are going to try to get you to listen to a time-share presentation by offering you some sort of amenity. Whether it’s a future free stay, excursion voucher, or whatever it is, KNOW that this is to sell you. We avoided it like the plague even though they made it sound like a simple breakfast with a representative. You do you, enjoy your vacation, but know what you’re getting yourself into.

Would I revisit?

Yes. We had a good time and my family enjoyed our experience! We love trying out different resorts, so we wouldn’t run to get back there, but if there was a great deal or offer, we would DEFINITELY visit again.