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If you’re getting a new passport or renewing, you’ll need to get a new photo to submit with your application. Most people don’t have these types of photos handy, so you’ll need to get one done or do it yourself.

There are a lot of stores that offer taking passport photos including Walmart or Walgreens. The average cost to get them done is typically between $12 -20 per photo. You can save some money by doing it at home with one of these photo apps and looking at some of these tips here to make it easy. Once you get your photo you can print at home or send it to the store to get it for less than a dollar. I paid $0.09 for my last passport photo.

Free Apps

Passport Booth

This is a great app that you can use to take a new passport photo. It has a great outline to ensure you are getting an appropriate size photo. It conveniently makes a 4×6 image for you to print out that has two passport photos on each image. Once you have your photo, you can print it to a store like Walmart, or Walgreens. You can even get it on Shutterfly or Amazon and have it delivered to you.

Make sure you visit the Photo Example site on the Department of State website to ensure you’re getting a valid photo that meets all of their requirements. They WILL send your application back if you do not follow the rules for lighting, avoiding accessories, and more.

You will need to make sure you have good lighting for these photos without shadows. You can position yourself or someone else in front of a light background with good natural light or use a ring light to help with your lighting.

Apps With In-App Purchase

Passport Photo – ID Photo

This one has a feature to use a current photo or to take one in the app. The app is easy to use with clear guidelines for head height and alignment for when you snap a photo or upload one. You’ll get a 2×2 in photo download in color for free, but if you want to conveniently print it on a 4×6 in the photo, you’ll have to either edit it yourself or pay a fee. An in-app purchase is required to get a color photo at $6.99.

ID Photo

This app allows you to upload a previous picture or take a new picture. The great thing about this app is that you can edit the photo with brightness and vibrance right within the app. It has a feature to erase the background of a photo you’ve already taken if you don’t want to mess with taking a new photo. This Premium feature costs $6.99 to access. Once you have your photo, it will save a copy to your phone for you to print out. You will have to ensure the proper 2 in x 2 in sizing when you print this photo from your phone, or choose a convenient paper size directly in the app with the “Print Multiple Copies” button. I would highly recommend this option as it makes it easy to send to the store for printing and ensures accuracy.

Plan Ahead

Make sure to check out tips on taking a good passport photo here.

Don’t forget a passport typically takes 8-11 weeks for standard processing so make sure you apply with plenty of time before your trip! Plan for time to fill out the form found on Travel.State.Gov, get your paperwork and identification ready and apply at a passport facility.

Get your passport today to start your adventures! Happy Traveling!