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If you’re going on vacation with kids to relax by a pool, you’ll want to bring some pool toys for them to enjoy. You don’t want to pack too much, but it’s great to have some things to bring along that are easy to pack.

Of course, you’ll be able to find things in your destination too, but it can definitely save you some money by planning ahead and packing what you really want.



For Infants, you’ll want to pack a floaty that has some sun shade as well as good support for them to sit and lay against. Our favorite is the SwimWays Baby spring float. This floaty is excellent because it packs up small, pops open, has a detachable canopy, and is wide to give your baby stability in the water.

It’s recommended for ages 9-24 months. In the photo below, our daughter is 7 months and was able to use it with ease. When you’re done with it, you deflate it, fold it up and store it in a circle zipper case which can pack up easily in your suitcase.


The Sterns Puddler Jumpers are the absolute best for swim float for toddlers. Since it straps around their chest and arms, it does an excellent job at keeping their heads above water. They are a little more cumbersome to pack, but they’re absolutely worth it for the peace of mind for you and the fun the kids will have in the pool. Some resorts have great toddler and baby pool areas or a zero-depth entrance, but a lot only have a regular depth pool. Having a sturdy pool float will make your vacation that much more enjoyable and give you peace of mind.

Arm Floats

Depending on your child’s swimming ability, you may or may not find a use for traditional arm floats. If your child is new to swimming (or smaller), I definitely recommend grabbing the Puddle Jumpers as it really helps keep kids above the water, but if you want to challenge your older one more, then finding a pair of arm floats is a great idea. These pack up so well because they can deflate fully. These Speedo arm floats are excellent because they’re cloth versus plastic. The plastic tends to stick when getting them on and off, and these tend to slide on and off easier.

On our last trip, we brought these arm floats for our 7-year-old, but he never ended up using them because he could touch the bottom of the pool and learned to swim around while we were there.

Pool Toys

On top of some great pool floats, you’ll want to have some toys to play with in the pool. If your little one can swim, having a pack of dive toys is an excellent idea to keep them busy on vacation.

Water Blasters

You can always wait to buy some of these things at the hotel (and pay extra for them), or you can pack some of these options up easily. You can even leave them at the resort if you don’t want to take them back home.

These foam water blasters are perfect for vacation since they’re lightweight. You can grab a set online and bring them along.

Dive Toys

Dive toys are great for endless fun. These are super easy to pack as they typically come in small packages. You can buy rings, sharks, starfish, gems, mermaids, or a mix pack!

Water Skipping Balls

This set of balls for the pool is fun because they will skip across the water when you throw them. These are great for little hands and for adults too!

Goggles and Snorkel Sets

Luckily, all year round you can find goggles and snorkel sets online. You can grab a pair of Speedo goggles for your kids to use in the pool. These are great to bring along for getting dive toys. As a plus, they’re small and easy to pack for your trip.

For snorkel sets, I recommend you grab a highly rated pair of the traditional snorkel set with the face mask and mouthpiece. The newer full-face snorkel masks have been linked to possible health issues. You can read this article about full face snorkel masks.

Whether you’re going to spend your whole vacation in the pool, or just a short time, these are some great, easy-to-pack swim toys to bring along on vacation!