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You’re traveling with your little ones on a flight, and you’re wondering what to bring to keep them happy. Here are some great ideas for you to pack for your trip.

Food & Snacks

This is truly a no-brainer and it’s the first listed because it’s important for any little one. Any time you are traveling with kids one common phrase is “I’m hungry”. Pack PLENTY of extra snacks to bring along.

Don’t feel like packing extra snacks? Feel free to pay an arm and a leg to buy airport snacks or snacks on the plane. I prefer to save money when I can and come prepared.

Single-serve, packaged items are typically the best and the easiest to bring along. You can even grab one of these snack catchers by Munchkin to fill or grab a divided container to fit multiple snacks in for your little one to choose from. Here are some of our favorites to bring.

Be wary of creamy items like peanut butter, yogurt, and applesauce pouches. These are limited to less than 3.4 oz per item and must fit in a clear quart Ziploc bag.

There’s a great list of things allowed on the plane from TSA. Don’t forget, you’re not allowed to bring liquids on the plane, but you ARE allowed to bring a water bottle to fill.

Baby Wipes

Even if your child isn’t in diapers anymore… pack the baby wipes. It’s great to have a quick on-the-go hand or face cleaner.

Low Maintenance Toys

Pack each kid some activities they can easily do on the plane that are mess-free. It’s best to have some activities for them that are new to them to help keep them entertained for the duration of your travel.

Ages 2-4

Ages 5-8

Ages 8 & up

Change of Clothes

Take it from me, it’s better to be prepared than not, bring a change of clothes, even if your child is potty trained. We had an incident on a plane where my little one couldn’t hold it because the flight attendant kept telling him to wait.

Leave toy guns and knives at Home

This is something you might not consider, but even toys that appear as weapons can get taken by security. It’s best to keep it simple and leave those toys at home.